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Ethical consumerism within the clothing apparel industry is paramount to reducing our carbon footprint on the planet. The clothes we wear have an undeniable impact on the environment at every level of their production, but through educated research of our materials and responsible production methods, Juke City is committed to offering you sustainable apparel that you can feel good about.

By purchasing our environmentally responsible goods, you are directly contributing to a female owned and ethically 
operated small business, growing the demand for sustainable products, and helping us reduce negative impacts on the earth. 
In lieu of more typical screen printing supplies and practices, we’re choosing to go green.


Here’s how:


We use HSA Water-based inks, which do not contain PVCs or Phthalates and do not require the use of harmful chemicals during the cleanup process. Along with coming in a vast array of colors, these inks excel at delivering soft prints on fabric, eliminating the stiff feel that comes with typical plastisol inks. After printing, excess ink is collected and recycled into poster prints or mixed into our own proprietary blend we like to call "Vintage Black".


Responsible Sourcing

Juke City is dedicated to offering our customers environmentally friendly items from apparel companies that are WRAP Certified, or ethically sourced in the USA. As well as our commitment to responsible apparel products, all of our posters are printed on 100% recycled paper from French Paper Co. 


Environmentally Conscious Production Methods

From start to finish Juke City strives to reduce, reuse and recycle everything we come in contact with. The fabric we use to test print our jobs are from either misprinted stock or bought locally from thrift shops, which directly benefit non-profit organizations and animal shelters in the area. Once these are used up we cut them into rags to use in the shop for cleaning and then wash and dry them in order to reuse. Our leftover inks are saved and when enough has accumulated we mix them into concrete to ensure that they can not leach into the ground or use them to print popular designs on our poster paper. We have even sourced compostable poly bags and recycled / eco-friendly packing materials. Those are just some of the things we do to lessen our environmental impact.

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